Renewing US Passport While Abroad

Many US expats end up renewing US passport at the US embassy in their host country. The process is generally straightforward – submitting an application form and certain documentation. Each embassy or consulate has different procedures for submitting documentation, so it’s best to check online for the specific instructions. The paperwork is used to verify your US citizenship and identity. However, there may be some challenges for US expats who have been abroad for a long-time.

Renewing US Passport While Abroad

renewing us passport
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Passports and Taxes:

Most people do not realize that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services computer is linked to the IRS computer. Therefore, if the IRS flags an individual as a tax debtor, there is a good chance that the passport renewal process may not go smoothly.

Often, individuals may not even be aware of the tax liability (e.g., left the US without filing that year’s tax return). If the IRS believes that you owe taxes, it will complete a tax return on your behalf, referred to as Substitute for Return – the results are usually not favorable. Individuals in this situation end up scrambling to get their tax situation in order.


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