Expat Tax Articles

US Expat Taxes (Basics)

There is a lot of confusion among US expats (both new and long-standing) on the topic of US expat taxes. Often times, the information available online and elsewhere is hard-to-understand, and/or addresses a very specific topic. The purpose of this article is to review key facts on US expat taxes, highlighting the most important factors before […]

Social Security for US Expats and Dual-Citizens (Living Abroad)

Social Security is a lifelong pension provided by the US government. It can be a critical source of income during one’s retirement years. Most important to note, it is a very attractive investment option for low to modest income earners – what one receives during retirement is far greater than what one contributes. Unfortunately, many […]

2016 Key Tax Changes

With the New Year underway, we’d like to take this opportunity to review 2016 key tax changes impacting US expats living around the world. 3 Extra Days to File Tax Return Normally, US tax returns are due on April 15th – before penalties and interest begin to accrue. However, the deadline this year is April […]

US Expats With Businesses Abroad

American expats are subject to US income taxes regardless of where they live and where they make their income. For those that have their own business, there are special requirements and issues to consider when it comes to tax planning and tax return preparation. In this article, we answer some of the frequently asked questions. […]

US Expats – Saving For Retirement

Living abroad, many US expats give too little thought to retirement savings. Some basic financial planning is absolutely critical, and helps to avoid the unenviable position of reaching retirement age without sufficient funds. The purpose of this article is to provide food for thought and encouragement to consider the following questions: How does Social Security […]

Gift Tax and Estate Planning for US Expats

Gifting involves receiving something for nothing, but in certain situations the US government requires gift tax returns in order to assess whether there are any taxes owed. When does the gift tax not apply? Gifts between spouses when both of whom are US citizens. Payments made on behalf of another person for medical and educational […]

Establishing a Business Abroad – US Tax Considerations

Many US expats operate their own business while living abroad. In this article, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a business abroad from the standpoint of US taxes. This is a dense topic, therefore we will be highlighting only the main points. Expat businesses generally fall into two categories: 1. A local business […]

Free Money From the IRS – Child Tax Credit

For many expat families with children under 17 years of age, it is possible to get a “refund” from the IRS without having paid any U.S. taxes. This wonderful subsidy is called the Child Tax Credit. Basically, it’s money that the U.S. government provides to middle income families to help with the cost of raising […]

FATCA – Practical Guide

There are over 100 countries around the world that are now “FATCA-compliant.” This means that banks located in those countries will be sending to the IRS specific information regarding accounts held by U.S. persons. In this article, we’ll discuss how FATCA is affecting the average U.S. expat or dual citizen (including business owners), and the options […]

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