Customer Reviews

Hola Expat solved our tax needs. I run my own business, am a resident in Nicaragua, and recently got married. My father (a lawyer) used to file my taxes, but recently retired, so I looked elsewhere. Hola Expat was easy to communicate with via email, answered my questions, and even realized my dad had been making a mistake on my taxes for the past few years. It feels good knowing everything is now being filed correctly. Thanks!

– Holly (Nicaragua)

I have been an expat for over 7 years and used various accounting firms for my tax filing, but recently switched over to Hola Expat at the recommendation of a friend and I have been extremely impressed. John at Hola Expat is efficient and knowledgeable and he was able to get my tax return prepared under a time crunch. The pricing is also lower than most of the other firms. The whole process was seamless and John patiently explained my options over Skype, which was very reassuring. Money well spent!!! I will most definitely be using Hola Expat again and recommending them to all my expat friends.

– Alice (Singapore)

Hola Expat was a quick easy way to get up to date on my US tax returns. They were knowledgeable and timely with information and communication with me. I highly recommend their services.

– Heather (Colombia)

After selecting Hola Expat from among the many choices available on the internet, I was very happy to find out that their service and support was better than I had expected. I have businesses in several countries, and John patiently and professionally walked me through the process of reconciling all the financial data. The company’s template forms are very thorough, yet easy to understand and complete. I highly recommend Hola Expat.

– James (Singapore)

I used Hola Expat to get caught up on back taxes using the Streamlined Procedures The company was responsive and extremely helpful. John walked me through the process on Skype, and then was fast to answer my questions by email. He prepared both my tax returns and FBAR forms very quickly, and Hola Expat’s rates were lower than similar services offered by other companies. I plan on using them again next year. It’s a big relief to finally be compliant with the IRS, and I recommend Hola Expat to any American living overseas.

– Chad (Singapore)

John at Hola Expat made my international tax filing painless! He walked me through collecting the documentation that I needed, and was patient while I collected missing forms from abroad. This was the first time that I have filed taxes from another country, and he made sure that I had a positive experience and a great tax return.

– April (Venezuela)

I feel incredibly lucky that I came across Hola Expat. It was easy to be impressed by them because of their ease of service, knowledge, and speed. At the time I needed a tax service, I had been living abroad in Japan for the past nine years and feeling overwhelmed by stress regarding my need to file for all those years missed. I tried contacting several tax companies, but not only did Hola Expat respond the quickest, but they also set my mind at ease right from the start by assuring me that my tax obligation wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had thought. We were able to set up a chat meeting online where we could discuss my situation. Hola also provided me with clear and easy to understand checklists so I could provide them with everything they needed. Their level of communication and professionalism was first rate. With managing a family alongside a full time job and freelance side business it’s good to know that I can rely on Hola Expat to reliably help me out again come next tax season.

– Scott (Japan)

I contacted Hola Expat to go through the Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure which included both 1040 forms and FBAR filing. I dealt directly with John Ohe. His service was fast, efficient and friendly. He was always very clear and helpful in his explanations. The documentation he provided made it very easy to gather the information, and he took care of filling out the actual IRS form which are sometimes quite difficult to understand. Pricing is totally transparent. I would definitely recommend Hola Expat’s services.

– Philip (Argentina)

When I contacted Hola Expat, I was lost in a maze of numbered and lettered tax forms. Within a week, my filings were sorted and I could breathe a sigh of relief. Through quick response time, and personal communication over e-mail and phone, they made an overwhelming process seem simple. Thanks guys!

– Amy (Sweden)

I want to thank you for all your help, for being so patient with us, for walking us through the whole process, for looking at every detail with care. You are just wonderful, thank you very very much.

– Cecilia (Peru)

My husband and I were in need of tax filing assistance as a result of new laws and forms that frankly we did not understand. This had contributed to our filing delinquency as US citizens living in another country. We found Hola Expat’s website, contacted John through email, and felt immediate relief. His professional expertise, extensive communication via emails and Skype were reassuring. We knew our case was complicated. Yet he handled it with confidence and humor at a very fair rate for the many hours he invested. We are pleased to recommend his services to other expats.

– Deb (Costa Rica)

This was my first time using Hola Expat, and I have to say I have been very happy with the whole process. I feel that John was very responsive to my needs and very knowledgeable too. My expat situation is a little out of the mainstream for the majority of accountants in the USA. My wife and I wanted someone who specializes in expat taxes. I could not be happier with their service.

– Mitch (Mexico)

Thanks for finalizing my tax return for 2014. I am well satisfied with your services and I can certainly recommend it to others. I am sure that we will be in touch for next year’s tax return, or for any consultations that might be needed in the future.

– Fadi (Qatar)

I was incredibly impressed with the knowledge of the Hola Expat staff, and how quickly they responded to my questions, and completed my tax return. They were very helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They explained everything very clearly to me, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I highly recommend working with Hola Expat for any tax needs you may have.

– Suzanne (Guatemala)

I have been pleased with the service provided by HolaExpat. John spent the necessary time toanswer my many questions and offered very specific and meaningful and advice. I will definitely work with him again on next year’s taxes.

– Nick (Brazil)

John at Hola Expat has been fantastic in dealing with my U.S. expat taxes. With assets in two countries and income from a third, my situation was giving me headaches, but John has made it easy–and affordable–for me. He’s punctual and efficient, and doesn’t seem to mind all my questions! I highly recommend Hola Expat to Americans living and working abroad.

– Beverly (Cameroon)

I found Hola Expat’s tax filing and review process very easy and streamlined. They were always responsive and available to answer my questions. I am very happy with the service I received. An impressive and very professional approach to providing expat tax services. Thank you!

– Jeremy (Nicaragua)

I have used Hola Expat for the last 2 years, and feel lucky that I found them to do my U.S. tax return. John Ohe is an expert, and has a system that is both easy and efficient at a fair price. I recommend them highly.

– Robert (Mexico)

Filing U.S. taxes from abroad is one of the added stresses of the expat life. What a pleasant surprise to work with Hola Expat and to use their efficient, streamlined tax filing service! Our experience with the company was simple and stress-free, and we will definitely use their services again in the future.

– Brenda (Brazil)

This is our first year using Hola Expat tax return services and my only regret is that I did not learn about them years ago. John spent a very considerable amount of time with me via email and Skype calls, patiently helping me understand what otherwise can seem overwhelming when dealing with expat tax issues. The service was professional, timely, thorough and reasonably priced. I fully intend to be a repeat customer many years over. I highly recommend their services to all my fellow expats around the world.

– Bill (Panama)