We offer a wide range of tax-related services to Americans living abroad, including:


  • Standard tax return preparation
  • Back taxes (catch-up filings) for expats who have fallen behind
  • More complex tax returns for Americans who own businesses abroad


In addition, we provide tax consultations and help with IRS notices (to reduce back taxes).

Standard Tax Return

  • Federal Tax Return – Our flat fee of $325 covers most client situations.
  • State Tax Return – We will advise whether you need to file a state return. For new expats, we regularly guide them through the process of transitioning to non-resident status (i.e., stop having to file state tax returns).
  • Partnership Return – For expats with US real estate holdings under a partnership structure, we can assist with their Form 1065 filing needs.
  • FBAR (foreign financial account report) – required when you have ownership interest or signature authority in one or more overseas financial accounts, and the combined value of all the financial accounts was greater than $10,000 during any point in the tax year.

Catch-up Filings
(Behind on Tax Returns)

We have extensive experience helping expats catch-up with their US tax filings.


For most expats who are behind, the best option is a program called IRS Streamlined Procedures. Candidates file tax returns for the past 3 years and FBARs for the past 6 years (only as applicable). A certification form is also required.


There are two great benefits to this program: (1) penalties are usually waived; and (2) tax returns prior to the 3 years are forgiven, regardless of how many years the person has not filed.


If you are considering the IRS Streamlined Procedures, there is no better choice than Hola Expat. We offer the best combination of expertise and price.

Americans with
Businesses Abroad

Many US expats operate businesses abroad, and often establish entities (e.g., foreign corporations) that provide limited liability protection.


Operating a business through a foreign corporation has distinct advantages from a US tax standpoint. However, the downside is the detailed reporting requirement – Form 5471 (Information Return of U.S. Persons with Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations).


At Hola Expat, we assist numerous clients with their foreign business reporting. We also provide guidance on business entity structuring and long-term tax planning. Most expat tax accountants do not have the expertise. With us, you’re in good hands.


*Hola Expat does not perform bookkeeping services, but works with the company’s data.

Non-Profit Reporting (Form 990)


Our Form 990 preparation services are optimal for small and mid-sized organizations that have their main operations outside the US.
We typically work with non-profits that have annual gross revenues under $500K.


Hola Expat does not perform bookkeeping services, but works with the organization’s data.


To download our Tax Guide for Non-Profits Operating Abroad, click here.